Social Impact

Whether you hear it in movies and in music or from parents and peers, men are told “man up,” “don’t cry” and reject everything labeled feminine by our culture. Refashioning Masculinity explores the thoughts and feelings of men as they engage with fashion and make clothing choices everyday – from experiencing body anxieties to developing confidence to wear skirts. By sharing the stories of our participants, our projects aims to inspire the public to connect to their own struggles of feeling oppressed by gender norms. We also hope to empower the public to challenge and expand gender norms through fashion by encouraging them to ask:

  • What types of clothes do I avoid wearing?
  • How can I support diverse expressions of gender on social media?
  • What outfits can I wear in everyday life to challenge masculine norms?

During the fashion presentation, via social media and other participatory installations, the public will be invited to share their understandings of masculinity, reflect on how they evaluate gender through fashion, and help to re-imagine new gendered identities through fashion.