Policy Impact

Society boxes men into rigid and unrealistic ideas of what it means to act and look like a man. This understanding of masculinity has left men unable to develop their own authentic identities and foster equal relationships with women, and other men. It has also excluded and oppressed men of colour, men with bigger bodies as well as disabled, queer and trans men. The impact of gender norms on men has led to harmful consequences, including violence and body anxiety.

Refashioning Masculinity provides governments and community groups with insights that help them craft policies and programs to address the problems that men experience from living in a culture that glorifies a narrow notion of masculinity. By using clothes as a vehicle to discuss the challenges and anxieties associated with masculinity, we uncover the complex causes of men’s damaging behaviours and opportunities to develop new strategies to rectify them, including:

  • How does fashion and body image influence gender norms?
  • How does supporting men’s diversity foster gender equality?
  • How can fashion be used as a tool to advance gender equality?

Our insights into the causes of men’s destructive behaviours and our development of new strategies to rectify them will assist policymakers and community groups better understand the consequences of narrow gender norms as well as foster gender equality.